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Medical Support Systems

The Medical Support Systems Program Management Office (MSS PMO) is a multidisciplinary team with broad mission capabilities for the advanced development of medical products used to sustain and support the combat Soldier. The product and logistics managers and model makers have expertise in project management, lifecycle management, engineering, fabrication, and technical testing.


Design, develop, procure, test and sustain the best medical evacuation, combat casualty care support, and operational and preventive medicine solutions for the Combat Soldier.


Optimal Force Health Protection through the integration of medical support solutions across the Army force structure.

MSS PMO's focus is on early involvement with products within the technology base, resulting in streamlined development efforts by combining milestones and transitioning medical products rapidly for procurement and fielding. As a result, product managers are busy with many products, either developing and executing broad acquisition strategies or monitoring technology base research efforts.

Product managers analyze functional requirements, conduct market investigations of commercial over-the-shelf (COTS) products, develop and execute technical and program strategies, and plan for all acquisition program phases. The product managers also direct program resources and defend program content and structure during science and acquisition forums.

MSS PMO supports 24 unit assemblages and 49 products for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC) as its core responsibility. Learn more about MSS PMO by clicking through the Functional Areas, Medical Prototype Development Laboratory and Spotlight links at the top of the page.

View the MSS PMO brochure (PDF 800 KB)

Last Modified Date: 29-Oct-2014