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COL Ryan Bailey

Warrior Care is Job One

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 11/20/2017

Although we try to broadcast the important mission of USAMMDA to others outside of our organization, our team's dedication to the critical task of supporting our Warfighters certainly speaks for itself. Our nation marks each November as Warrior Care Month, to honor "the courage of wounded, ill or injured Service Members" and highlight "programs that support their return to duty or transition to the civilian community" – and this is where our significant work truly comes into view. [Read more...]

COL Ryan Bailey

It's the Great Pumpkin, USAMMDA!

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 10/30/2017

With Halloween coming this week, I have to say that things are looking a little scary for my Atlanta Falcons this football season. Their game last Sunday was like something out of a horror movie, and the Patriots' Tom Brady may have well been wearing a hockey mask... But maybe this is just my own nightmare! Anyway, Halloween is here again, and our children will be out and about in their "spooky" costumes searching for the prized candy. But before they head out, please make sure to pay close attention to the common safety tips for trick-or-treating fun. The top suggestions include: 1) wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight, 2) walk with a group if possible, 3) carry a cellphone, 4) stay on the sidewalks and use crosswalks, 5) watch for vehicles, 6) visit houses that you know, and 7) screen candy before eating it, especially unwrapped treats. [Read more...]

COL Ryan Bailey

USAMMDA's Amazing Accomplishments

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 10/10/2017

As we kick off Fiscal Year 2018, this is the perfect time to review the many great accomplishments of our fantastic team over the past year. USAMMDA continues to lead the way by exceeding the standard in every opportunity we're presented. Similar to a cross country running team, our successes come both individually and as an organization – which has truly impacted military medicine across the board. We've won numerous awards and found great success with many of our products developed to assist and protect our Warfighters. On top of this, we've played a critical role in a number of important DOD-sponsored events, and also achieved a huge milestone in organizational safety. [Read more...]

COL Ryan Bailey

Enjoying Autumn to the Fullest

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 09/18/2017

Another fall season starts this week, and we should all do our best to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can during the crisp, cool autumn months. The trees in our area will soon begin to change into bright colors, and it won't be long before we see frost in the morning. As it begins to get colder though, safety becomes a bigger issue, and USAMMDA's Safety Officer Marvin Saunders has provided a few tips that we should follow throughout the season. [Read more...]

COL Ryan Bailey

Staying Healthy – and Happy

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 08/28/2017

Each year during August, we observe National Immunization Awareness Month. Unfortunately, numerous people throughout the world suffer from diseases against which they could have been protected if they received proper vaccinations. Here at USAMMDA, we're tasked with helping to protect our Warfighters to make sure they stay healthy and strong, so they'll be ready at all times. One way we do this is through the work of our Pharmaceutical Systems Project Management Office, whose efforts over the years have helped to secure critical vaccines for our troops. [Read more...]

COL Ryan Bailey

Picking Up the Ball

By COL Ryan Bailey, published on 08/07/2017

Hello, Team! As I've said often since arriving back at Fort Detrick, I'm very happy to be leading such a dedicated group of men and women here at USAMMDA, and I'm just as pleased to be continuing with the blog established by COL Geesey. I certainly agree this is a great way to communicate current events, issues and information to our group and beyond. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

A Very Appreciative Farewell

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 06/05/2017

As I begin to wrap up things during my final few weeks in command of USAMMDA, I can't help but think of the wonderful experience I've had over the past two years. The men and women who support USAMMDA are among the best and brightest I've encountered in my career, and I will certainly miss our comradery and the success we've shared together. However, I know that so much more awaits you all, and I am excited to hear about your many accomplishments in the future. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Memorial Day Safety and Remembrance

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 05/15/2017

As the Memorial Day holiday weekend is approaching quickly, with it comes the unofficial start of the summer season. Unfortunately, summertime is the most fatal time of the year for off-duty Soldiers, as we lose many in accidental deaths involving cars, motorcycles, water craft and alcohol-related incidents. Historically, the Memorial Day three-day weekend is the most dangerous weekend of the year to be out on our nation's roads, so we must stay safe, remain aware, and do all we can to preserve our country's most valuable asset – its citizens. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Protecting Ourselves and Each Other

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 04/24/2017

Each day I feel blessed to be part of an amazing organization that I now consider family. The respect that we show each other, and also those we work with, can serve as a model for everyone throughout our Army. This deference stands as a reflection of our leadership and supervisory staff, as well as our highly professional team members throughout USAMMDA who as a rule treat one another with the greatest dignity. Respecting one another remains one of the keys to happiness and success in the workplace. Unfortunately, however, there are times when this respect is breached and people are hurt. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Enjoying Our Wonderful World Together

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 04/04/2017

Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature continues to climb, we should be able to spend more time doing outdoor activities. With the warmer weather comes the beauty of springtime – its colorful flowers and plants, the birds chirping, and trees in full bloom all around us. Although our late winter snow did affect the cherry blossoms along Washington's Tidal Basin, they're still looking great, and you should plan a trip to see them soon if you haven't already done so. At their peak, it is a truly breathtaking sight! [Read more...]

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