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Colonel William E. Geesey

Keeping Up with the Changing Time

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 03/13/2017

It's that time again to heed the old adage "Fall back, Spring forward" as we reset all of our clocks and watches for Daylight Savings Time, which began this past weekend. While many may enjoy the extra hours of evening sunlight and the energy that is conserved, others are just plain irritated with the way the time change affects our sleeping and eating patterns – often for about a week, or even longer. Nevertheless, we do this twice a year, year in and year out, so I thought it would be interesting to discover its origins and share this with you. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Guiding the Way through Innovation

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 02/13/2017

The inventors of our world spend their days looking for new and better ways to do things. Whether it's improvements to our cars, our phones, our water bottles – or one of a million other items – this proactive group of people hope to solve life's problems to make our lives easier. When it comes down to it, that's exactly what we do every day here at USAMMDA, and we have a dedicated staff of professionals whose main task is to make the lives of our nation's Warfighters better and safer. Our mission is to convert critical ideas to reality for the men and women of our military – and this certainly takes quite a lot of knowledge and just as much commitment from our entire team. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Strengthening Our Team through Mentorship

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 01/23/2017

Throughout the month of January, we are celebrating National Mentoring Month across the country to focus our attention on the importance of effective mentoring to help our young people develop their talents and mature as individuals. Through this outstanding program, national partners work with local leaders to organize special events within their communities, and the effort has gained the support of the President and members of Congress, as well as entertainers, sports figures and celebrities. While this work is extremely significant in helping to guide the youth of our nation, I believe we should also consider the value of mentorship at all levels, including our USAMMDA team. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

A New Year, A New You!

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 01/03/2017

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday season, as it was certainly well deserved after the tremendous effort our team put forth this past year in serving our nation and our Warfighters. But as always, with the end of one year comes the beginning of another – and with it, dozens of resolutions that we hope to keep throughout the year. Actually, this is the perfect time to reset ourselves and establish goals that will drive us forward into 2017. Typically, these goals are often focused on matters related to our health, family, finances, or careers, which are certainly important factors in our lives. Out of these, however, we usually have the most control over improving our personal well-being, so this is what I would like to target as we move ahead. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

A Great Year in Military Health

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 12/19/2016

It's hard to believe that the end of the year is less than two weeks away. In light of this, now is the perfect time to review the advancements we've made throughout the past year that have helped to bolster the strength and readiness of our Servicemen and -women. Because we remain focused on our mission, we usually don't pause to celebrate the accomplishments of our fantastic USAMMDA team, along with the recognition that we receive from both leadership and other organizations. We really should do this a bit more often. Some might be surprised how we make things happen throughout our organization, and I'd like to review a few examples below. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Staying Safe throughout the Winter

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 12/05/2016

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with their loved ones, and I really hope that no one went overboard on the wonderful treats that are typically brought out this time of year. If you did, don't worry – you may just have to visit the gym a few extra times this month, and you'll probably see me there right beside you! Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that indulging our sweet tooth a little during the holidays is usually worth the guilt. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Coming Together for the Holidays

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 11/14/2016

It's hard to believe just how quickly the year has passed, and that another holiday season is almost here. While most people start thinking about turkey and football games, colorful trees and wrapped presents — and even that old four-letter word, snow — the main focus of the holidays should be centered on family and friends, especially those we may see only once a year. But this season may be a little different, in light of the uneasiness that has come out of the recent presidential election campaign. Now more than ever, we should use the holidays to show our appreciation of not only our family and friends, but also of our fellow citizens in neighborhoods, towns, and workplaces across the country. Diversity is one of the hallmarks that set America apart from other countries, and this is a very special trait. We must encourage others, especially during the holiday season, to recognize that there are many different traditions and faiths throughout our nation, and we should embrace the ways in which people express these customs. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Conducting Our Business by the Book

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 10/21/2016

As mentioned in my last blog entry, we recently awarded a contract to develop a new searchable, electronic handbook that will improve USAMMDA's business operations well into the future, and we are very excited to roll out information on this important project during the week of October 24. As you can imagine, we utilize a multitude of processes daily within our command, but unfortunately, a good portion have not been documented properly. For those that have been recorded and archived, many are not easily accessible by the end user. Our new "Business Process Handbook" is a critical tool that will be used to document our daily business methods, which will help us to refine our performance management strategies and allow for continuous process improvement. Also, this electronic handbook will be loaded by USAMMDA into a SharePoint environment for a more effective user experience. Taken together, these advancements will help to smooth our workflow practices and assist newcomers in ramping up much more quickly. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Happy New Fiscal Year!

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 10/03/2016

It feels like this past year flew by, and we should be very proud of our accomplishments as we kick off the new fiscal year. Although we'll still face many of the same challenges -- funding alignment, space constraints, communication gaps, to name only a few -- this is still an exciting time for the USAMMDA team, because our mission to serve and save our Warfighters remains our daily focus. We have gained a great reputation as a high-performance, ready workforce throughout the command, and this is all due to our tremendous work in taking a critical concept and turning it into a life-saving resource for our Service Members throughout the world. [Read more...]

Colonel William E. Geesey

Presenting USAMMDA to Our New Commanding General (and the World)

By Colonel William E. Geesey, published on 09/13/2016

Recently, I had the great privilege of presenting our USAMMDA team to our new USAMRMC commanding general, Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb. Despite the typical "butterflies" associated with a CG visit, I actually welcome every opportunity to brag about our team and the great work we do here. Needless to say, we presented ourselves extremely well to the CG, and I was pleased with the very positive response I received from her after the visit. The most enlightening point of the day, however, was her candid take on the mission of USAMRMC and USAMMDA as well. She admitted to not knowing much about our command and its mission before coming here, and she said that this was true of five previous USAMRMC commanders she consulted after she learned of her assignment to Fort Detrick. Not surprisingly, this seems to be the case throughout the DOD and elsewhere, and it touches upon one of the main initiatives in our draft Strategic Plan for USAMMDA. [Read more...]

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