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Force Health Protection Division

Col. Michael Zapor, MD, PhD, Infectious Disease Service at WRNMMC, briefs team during initiation meeting

What happens when antibiotics cannot cure an infection?

Marianne Erlichman, product manager IND-FHP, provides annual Good Clinical Practices training

One USAMMDA division anticipates our service members' needs during the most critical situations. Read more...

The Force Health Protection Division is an organized program of healthcare preventive treatment, therapeutic treatment, or preparations for such treatment designed to meet the actual, anticipated, or potential needs of a group of military personnel in relation to military missions.

It is the DoD’s policy that personnel carrying out military operations shall be provided the best possible force health protection, including safe and effective medical countermeasures to chemical, biological or radiological warfare, and in-theater disease threats. The FHP program provides and manages Investigational New Drugs (IND) as medical support for military personnel exposed to Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) events and diseases endemic to the area of operation.

The FHP Branch at USAMMDA serves as the executive agency for the management of the DoD’s FHP IND program and the Specialized MEDCOM Response Capabilities Investigational New Drug/Emergency Use Authorizations (SMRC IND/EUA) teams. The mission of the FHP Branch is to plan, implement, and sustain DoD-directed FHP IND protocols. The FHP investigational staff are trained in the execution of the protocols according to FDA regulatory guidelines and Good Clinical Practices.

FHP ExerciseSMRC/IND EUA Team2010 FHP Exercise

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