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Colonel Ryan Bailey

The Future of USAMMDA Product Development

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 07/16/2018

This is a very exciting time in the history of USAMMDA! On July 9, our organization welcomed 27 members of the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency who have joined the USAMMDA team as medical product development personnel. The group was given a very thorough orientation to our facility to ensure a smooth transition, and just last week we held a backyard barbeque to welcome the new folks to our USAMMDA family! I'm really excited to learn more about the products they are bringing over to the USAMMDA portfolio, and together we will continue to quickly advance these critical items to our Warfighters throughout the world. Please make sure to welcome these new staff members to our team!

And speaking of "team," we will be holding our annual summer Organizational Day on August 2 at Nallin Pond. We're looking forward to seeing everyone there, and I encourage you to bring your children and other family members, as it should be a really fun time with great food. Similar to past years, we will have lots of teambuilding activities, which are always entertaining, and we usually have pretty nice weather for this outdoor event — so make sure to contact Tara Mose or Amy Brown by July 25 to purchase the lunch order for you and your guests.

Another upcoming event is our Ice Cream Social fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards the USAMMDA holiday party. We'll be hosting this year's social on July 26, and of course, this event will feature the lighthearted "pie-in-the-face" challenge to raise additional funds. Make sure to come and join in the bidding war for your chance to see some of your esteemed colleagues get a face full of pie and whipped cream! Again, all proceeds will go towards our annual holiday party, which was truly outstanding last year.

On July 31, we will gather at building 1520 for our quarterly Town Hall meeting. Along with the presentation of various awards, we'll review topics including the recent USAMMDA/USAMMA transition, safety, the Army Strategic Direction, and other USAMRMC priorities. Please remember that these meetings allow for any business-related questions, concerns or ideas you may have, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to engage leadership with your thoughts.

Now that the summer is in full swing, sporting events are happening everywhere! I hope many of you were able to watch the exciting World Cup final this past weekend. It seems this soccer tournament never disappoints, and I am already looking forward to the next one in four years! Also, we are very close to finalizing a date for our USAMMDA night at the Frederick Keys stadium, and I'm hopeful that we'll have enough interest from staff members to make this happen! We would really like to see a good turnout for this event, and I know my family is looking forward to seeing an exciting game at the ballpark! Considering the important work we do each day, a relaxing night outdoors with friends and family would certainly be welcomed.

Let's always remember that we're saving lives with everything we do here at USAMMDA!

COL Ryan Bailey

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Colonel Ryan Bailey

The Army Has So Much to Celebrate!

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 06/25/2018

Recently, the U.S. Army celebrated its 243rd "birthday," and we recognized the 75th anniversary of Fort Detrick earlier this month as well. When most of us think of the Army, the image that usually comes to mind is one of men and women in camouflage green uniforms. However, since the very beginning of the Army's establishment as a Service branch, the Army's civilian workforce has been contributing to the successful completion of the mission. Together, we stand as a key factor in taking care of our Service Members, whether it be with health care providers or our materiel developers. Without question, this has been the key to carrying out the USAMRMC's mission to create, develop, deliver and sustain medical capabilities for our Warfighters throughout the world. [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Making the Most of the Summer Season

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 06/04/2018

Each June, our nation recognizes the great men and women of our U.S. Army Veterinary Corps, as we celebrate the anniversary of its formation on June 3, 1916. For the past 102 years, this organization has been helping to keep our country safe with work that goes far beyond the general care of animals. In the medical materiel world, especially in product development, there is a clinical pathway that begins with clinical animal studies on the science and technology side. This vital research is then translated to human clinical studies, to develop medical products and vaccines that help save the lives of many throughout our military and civilian populations. [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Showing Our Support and Gratitude

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 05/14/2018

It's not surprising that, each year, many of us stay busy throughout the month of May, as it's always jam-packed with a surplus of special occasions and events. Personally, I'm honored to be serving our country as an Army Soldier, and I am always grateful to those who thank me for my service, especially during National Military Appreciation Month each May. I'd also like to thank each and every Service Member who puts on a uniform like I do, as this unified dedication helps to keep our nation strong and ready at all times. For most, if not all of us, military life is much more than a career – it's truly a vocation that adds a great deal of meaning to both our lives and our families. [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Honoring Our Administrative Professionals

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 04/23/2018

On April 25, organizations across the nation will honor our administrative specialists on "Administrative Professionals Day." We have been celebrating this valuable group of America's workforce since 1952, and this day provides a welcome opportunity to acknowledge each and every person who is part of this team. Within USAMMDA, it goes without saying that our organization could not run effectively, or efficiently, without the hard work and dedication of our administrative professionals – they truly do keep the command moving forward, day in and day out. This specialized group remains extremely valuable to the work we do, and their efforts contribute directly to the accomplishment of our mission to protect and preserve our Service Members throughout the world. I know I speak for our entire USAMMDA family when I say "thank you" for all that you do! [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Celebrating Our Diverse Talent

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 04/02/2018

Since 2004, April has been recognized as Celebrate Diversity Month across the nation. Recently, I commented on the historic diversity of this year's USA Olympic team, and to this list we certainly can add the tremendous diversity seen throughout the Department of Defense, MEDCOM, and our own USAMMDA team. Clearly, we live in a very diverse society, and all of us bring to the table our unique talents, knowledge and merit. In fact, our dissimilar traits are what make us so similar, and by pooling together these great minds from various backgrounds, we're able to do remarkable things for our communities, our citizens and our nation. We all have positive contributions to make to our respective teams, so we should embrace our talents and never be shy about speaking up to offer suggestions to the group. Given our organization's mission to protect and preserve our Warfighters, it remains incumbent upon all of us to be proactive always – it's critical that we do. [Read more...]

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