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Colonel Ryan Bailey

Showing Our Support and Gratitude

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 05/14/2018

It's not surprising that, each year, many of us stay busy throughout the month of May, as it's always jam-packed with a surplus of special occasions and events. Personally, I'm honored to be serving our country as an Army Soldier, and I am always grateful to those who thank me for my service, especially during National Military Appreciation Month each May. I'd also like to thank each and every Service Member who puts on a uniform like I do, as this unified dedication helps to keep our nation strong and ready at all times. For most, if not all of us, military life is much more than a career – it's truly a vocation that adds a great deal of meaning to both our lives and our families.

Along with this annual celebration during May, we also observe Mother's Day, Memorial Day, National Nurses Week, and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – to name only a few special events. And starting with the latter, I'm proud to announce that USAMMDA will host a celebration in honor of our Asian American and Pacific Islander population on May 23 at 11:30 a.m. in Building 1520. We hope to see a large turnout to acknowledge the great contributions of our wonderful colleagues and friends to our country, the Department of Defense and all of our Military Service branches. We certainly are well represented here at USAMMDA, and we're very grateful for what these professionals bring to our organization, and to our USAMMDA family. I am sincerely humbled to lead the celebration to honor all of those tied to the rich culture and history of this storied region.

This past week, we honored our professional nurse workforce during National Nurses Week. Without question, this group – both inside and outside of the command – certainly deserves our gratitude for the work they do in helping to sustain our military and civilian populations on a daily basis. Nurses play a critical role in the Army Medical Department mission, serving as key clinical experts in the treatment of Soldiers far forward and in our medical treatment facilities throughout the world. They help us to quickly deliver medical solutions to our military personnel, which in turn helps us to fulfill our USAMMDA mission of supporting and sustaining Service Members worldwide. We certainly couldn't accomplish this without their dedication and enthusiasm.

Turning to another topic, many of us consider the Memorial Day weekend the official start of summer, and with good reason in light of the very warm temperatures we've been seeing lately. This holiday is often the biggest travel time of the year, so please stay alert and safe on the roads if you're heading somewhere. Water sports and activities such as boating, swimming, surfing and water skiing are usually brought to the forefront, so please be careful when you're near lakes, rivers and swimming pools, and at the shore. Wear plenty of sunscreen, use sunglasses, and if you like to paddleboard, watch out for dolphins – I hear they can get pretty aggressive in some areas!

Finally, we've kicked off the Change Management training sessions, and this will continue through July, to ensure we're poised to continue with our critical mission. We're very excited to merge our talented group with the equally talented team from the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency, as this will help to create a stronger force to help support our Warfighters. Although I may talk about this merger often over the coming months, I'm a firm believer that you can never over-communicate change. So don't be surprised to hear this again from me in future blogs, Town Hall events, staff meetings, etc. People are our greatest resource, and fully informed people are always the most productive – and effective – people on the team!

Let's always remember that we're saving lives with everything we do here at USAMMDA!

COL Ryan Bailey

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Colonel Ryan Bailey

Honoring Our Administrative Professionals

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 04/23/2018

On April 25, organizations across the nation will honor our administrative specialists on "Administrative Professionals Day." We have been celebrating this valuable group of America's workforce since 1952, and this day provides a welcome opportunity to acknowledge each and every person who is part of this team. Within USAMMDA, it goes without saying that our organization could not run effectively, or efficiently, without the hard work and dedication of our administrative professionals – they truly do keep the command moving forward, day in and day out. This specialized group remains extremely valuable to the work we do, and their efforts contribute directly to the accomplishment of our mission to protect and preserve our Service Members throughout the world. I know I speak for our entire USAMMDA family when I say "thank you" for all that you do! [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Celebrating Our Diverse Talent

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 04/02/2018

Since 2004, April has been recognized as Celebrate Diversity Month across the nation. Recently, I commented on the historic diversity of this year's USA Olympic team, and to this list we certainly can add the tremendous diversity seen throughout the Department of Defense, MEDCOM, and our own USAMMDA team. Clearly, we live in a very diverse society, and all of us bring to the table our unique talents, knowledge and merit. In fact, our dissimilar traits are what make us so similar, and by pooling together these great minds from various backgrounds, we're able to do remarkable things for our communities, our citizens and our nation. We all have positive contributions to make to our respective teams, so we should embrace our talents and never be shy about speaking up to offer suggestions to the group. Given our organization's mission to protect and preserve our Warfighters, it remains incumbent upon all of us to be proactive always – it's critical that we do. [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Appreciating Our Great USAMMDA Team

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 03/12/2018

I'm sure many of us are hopeful that a new Defense budget will be passed later this month, so we may continue with our great USAMMDA mission of protecting and preserving the health of our Service Members throughout the world. Our work remains very important to our national defense, and our unique, dedicated team lies at the heart of this critical effort. I'm genuinely impressed with the amount of talented individuals we have on staff, and sometimes I feel it's not very fair to the other commands. Recently, I visited a session of our Emerging Leaders program, and I was awestruck by the level of enthusiasm and engagement I saw in the classroom. This type of passion makes it very easy for me to come to work each day, and I can't thank you enough for your amazing patriotism – it truly is contagious! [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Celebrating All Month Long

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 02/20/2018

Despite being the shortest month, February is always packed with many significant events. Each year during February, we celebrate Black History Month, Heart Health Month, Presidents Day, Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, and this year, we even have the Winter Olympic Games taking place in South Korea. As we cheer on our Olympic athletes, it's incredible to see the diversity of everyone involved in sport, not only in other countries, but especially in the United States. This year's team is the most diverse of any U.S. winter team we've ever assembled, for both gender and race - which supports our country's philosophy that we're a nation that truly celebrates its rich cultural makeup and heritage. [Read more...]

Colonel Ryan Bailey

Giving of Ourselves to Help Others

By Colonel Ryan Bailey, published on 01/29/2018

For our Officer Professional Development group this month, we've been reading a very engaging book, "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” by Simon Sinek. What I like about the author's approach is that he asks his readers to think about why we do what we do, and this really is an important question when it comes to our vocational choices. With a mission like ours, I hope that everyone on the USAMMDA team has a clear concept of their own "why" as we come to work each day. Personally, I believe our collective "why" is that we're committed to delivering quality products to our Warfighters to keep these men and women strong before, during and after the fight. And I would think most of our USAMMDA family would agree with me on this, as it's truly an important calling. [Read more...]

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