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Office of Quality Management


Every organization has a base structure with rules and guidelines to ensure quality work and to mitigate risk. These rules and guidelines also serve to learn from past errors, to provide current work standards, and to regulate for future. The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity is an organization comprised of many different groups performing different tasks, all while providing the same mission. The base structure for USAMMDA must be maintained by every individual, and must follow the same procedures, to ensure the mission and vision is successfully carried out. The individuals responsible for maintaining this basic structure, is the Quality Assurance Office. Read more...

Quality Mission/Vision

Mission: The mission of USAMMDA's Office of Quality Management (OQM) is to provide support by functioning as an independent and objective entity that reviews and evaluates work product for the organization.

Vision: To work cross-functionally with customers to provide more efficient and effective systems to allow products to reach the Service Member more rapidly.

Office of Quality Management

Who we are:

  • The Quality Office was established in January of 2009 and has since developed and maintained a Quality Management system that will be utilized by each division within the USAMMDA Command.
  • OQM provides Quality support to the OTSG's Sponsors Representative and to all of USAMMDA by ensuring the fulfillment of regulatory requirements and adherence to written procedures and guidelines.
  • The OQM works closely with headquarters and other subcommands to build bridges by providing technical support, regulatory training and help in developing support systems to meet common goals.

What we give the command:

Structure and stability -

  • Through the use of controlled documents that allows everyone to be on the same page.
  • Identifying structural weaknesses and ensuring continuous improvement through auditing.
  • Training to bring new knowledge to the command and reinforce established procedures.

Office of Quality Management Taskers

  • FDA Audit Management
  • Development and Management of a USAMMDA wide Quality Management System
  • Internal/External Audit Program Management
  • Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA) Program Management
  • Continuous Improvement Program Management
  • Working with Quality Management Office, Policy Makers and Sub-Commands to Support Mission
  • Management Control Plan Program
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Operational Inspection Program/Staff Assistance Visit Management
  • Quality Support for OTSG's Sponsor Representative as requested
  • Review of Clinical Monitoring Report relating to CAPA
  • USAMMDA SOP Document Control Management
  • SOP Technical Writing/Review Support
  • Regulated and Professional Development Training Management and Support
Last Modified Date: 05-Nov-2015