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Medical Devices Assemblage Management Office

The Medical Devices Assemblage Management Office manages all Army Medical Unit Assemblages by providing acquisition lifecycle management of CLASS VIII medical equipment, UAs, devices, and ancillary medical items to support human and animal patient care.

Equipment set lifecycle

Our mission is "To develop, deliver, and sustain deployable medical capabilities for the Warfighter." The division's goal is to ensure that the Warfighter has the necessary equipment and materiel to meet their assigned missions. This is critical to the success of current and future field medical treatment from the Army's Roles of Care 1 to 3.

The office integrates acquisition and logistics actions with the Defense Logistics Agency-Troop Support and collaborates closely with the Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate of the U.S. Army Health Readiness Center of Excellence, the Army Medical Department Test Board and Service laboratories. The MDAM consolidates and publishes equipment and UA handbooks, start-up lists, equipment literature and sustainment plans assuring the completeness of medical UAs and equipment.

The MDAM manages 346 Line Item Numbers, made up of 140 medical UAs and 206 items of medical equipment devices. Product teams consist of product managers, equipment specialists, clinicians and integrated product support who manage medical UAs, establishing LINs, Basis of Issue Plan management, maintenance support planning, and technology refreshment. The teams also support medical modernization and product development efforts by serving as medical assemblage and logistics subject matter expertise in Integrated Product Teams.

The division in a fiscally constrained environment continually integrates new and modernized equipment to provide the Army, as well as other Services with premier medical capabilities that front-line Soldiers depend on to provide the best possible clinical outcomes. The MDAM executes an annual Other Procurement, Army budget of 40 million dollars for procurement of medical equipment on behalf of Office of The Surgeon General, in support of medical UAs. The team is also working on developing instructional guides for work processes and data on the average age of deployed medical equipment items to obtain oversight on life expectancy and future funding needs.


Last Modified Date: 01/24/2020