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Combat Support Hospital Infrastructure

The US Army Medical Department (AMEDD) is developing soft- and rigid-wall shelters that set up faster, are lighter weight and more deployable, and cost less.

Soft-wall shelter
Rigid-wall shelter

Soft-Wall and Rigid-Wall Shelter Modernization

Soft-wall shelter technology includes airbeam technology that sets up quickly with few personnel.

Read about the Fort Benning, GA, customer assessment of the airbeam shelter.

Shelter materials that are stronger, more efficient, and less costly are being evaluated to extend the life cycle of our current International Organization for Standardization (ISO) shelters, which are still the gold standard. The modernized shelters increase energy efficiency by a factor of two by using additional wall insulation and LED lights, addressing the Army's Energy Security Implementation Strategy.

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Water Distribution & Wastewater Management System

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The Water Distribution and Waste Water Management System (WDWWMS) is a group of assemblages whose components, when assembled and used together, form a potable WDWWMS for the Hospital Center. The water distribution portion is used to deliver potable water to hospital wards (intensive care, intermediate care, pre-op), central materiel supply, pharmacy, x-ray, blood laboratory, laboratory, emergency medical treatment, and the dental clinic. The waste water portion allows the transfer of waste water from these same areas to holding areas.

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Portable Surgical Scrub Sink

Portable Surgical Scrub Sink

The Portable Surgical Scrub Sink is designed for mobile medical and dental operations. It provides both warm cold water for general hand washing and for cleaning instruments as part of the disinfection process for medical devices. This sink is manufactured with a stainless steel basin and instrument basket, aiding in disinfection and durability.


Last Modified Date: 09/17/2020